Shot for Harvey Norman as part of their luxurious living setting. If I have a sofa set like this, I would really enjoy reading more.
Decor for wedding at one of the finest hotel in Singapore, The Shangri-La Hotel. Everytime I visit the place, it looks so different.
All the food is so fresh at Shabusai Restaurant. They really make sure that the raw food is really kept at low temperature.
Designer concept of a home. I can be more creative if I work and live here.
I love the birdcage like decor of this restaurant. So advant garde and colourful and yet not contrived.
Would you like to work in a workspace like this? Scroll much further downwards to see how it looks like overall.
This is their pantry. So cool. Like having a break in a stylish cafe with the view of downtown Singapore. I would kill to work in this place
This is not a National Theatre. This is the theatre of Empire Hotel in Brunei, one of the finest hotel in South East Asia. Can you imagine having fine dining while watching world class performances. Really this is dining fit for kings and queens.
A series of shoot I did for CBRE (formerly known as CB Richard Ellis) to showcase how they have revamped their workspace efficiently and yet aesthetically. Half the space on the left hand side are actually 2 meeting rooms which can be opened up when there is a need for big gathering such as their townhall meeting where everyone from all offices come for a group session.
Talking about kings, how about having a swimming pool in a hotel room?
Sometimes a shot looks so different without more details ... 
Having a discussion in one of the meeting room.  I would be more inspired to work in a space like this.
Always so nice to have a company that looks after the employees' welfare. With a pantry like this, one would be more inclined to work
One cannot complain if they are stuck in a boring workspace with a view like this.
With a view of Marina Bay Sands in the background, it makes sense to talk about dollars and sense
Chilling at the pantry area near the reception, the barrier between both clients and staff is shortened.
A continuation of the luxurious Empire Hotel showcasing their rooms. I hope to be back soon taking a vacation with my family.

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